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Is your roof showing signs of wear and tear? Did a big storm come through and damage your roof? Call HFA Construction for roof installation and roof replacements in the Choctaw, OK area! You can trust that your home is in good hands when you call us. We install a wide range of roof types including:

Metal Roofs | Shingle Roofs | Standing-seam Roofs | Corrugated Roofs

5 signs that it's time for a new roof installation

There are signs to indicate when you simply need a roof replacement. You can rely on the experts at HFA Construction for your residential roofing installations.

Watch for these signs that you need a new roof installation altogether:

  • Your roof is older than 20-years-old
  • Your shingles are curled or buckling
  • Your roof is sagging in sections
  • You have large patches of missing shingles
  • You’ve noticed water staining in your walls or ceiling